Spring 1998

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Greetings from the land of famous potatoes! We are alive and well and busier than ever. At last we are taking time out to update you on the latest news from the goats and The Old Dewey House.

At the time of this writing (late April `98) our El Nino winter is lingering as we try to prepare for a busy summer season. Business has been great and we are becoming more efficient; handling more business with less help. Even Liz=s dessert disasters are down to a minimum these days. The wine list is huge these days; we are now pouring 12 selections by the glass and the wine license has increased business considerably.

The dinner menu has also grown and Mike still mans the line and grill himself, employing only a dishwasher on holidays and in the summer. Recent menu additions include New Zealand goat entrees,  Buffalo Steaks, and Idaho Tilapia We are still making goat cheeses, including romano and gouda style aged cheeses. In order to meet USDA requirements to legally serve the cheese in the restaurant, we are a liscensed dairy.

We are the smallest dairy in the state, (with one dairy goat producing about a gallon a day), other farmers quip they spill more milk off their trucks than we acquire in a week! The milking room has been nicely remodeled. Complete with heat, lights, music and tile floor, our milk shed is so nice it doubles as a guest room for F.M. ( Mike=s dad) and friends who pop in from time to time. We replace the milk stand with a queen size Futon. November through May is the does "Dry off@ stage giving her udder a break and us a break from the milking chore in the winter months. So there=s a few months out of the year when we don=t have the goat cheese........

We received a small writeup in the new Idaho Handbook this year, and have gotten a least one table as a result. We also continue our policy on minimal advertising other than this page on the Internet and have since received several visitors. Our very first Internet reservation was Pierre and Marie Rajcom from Paris, France. Liz made their 8-year old daughter a birthday cake and we exchanged e-mail prior to their visit. Pierre brought us a rare and delicious bottle of French cognac and had fun taking pictures of the goats.

Another small iron in the fire at ODH lately is Liz=s Idaho gift baskets on display in a case on the front porch. You can customize your own with things like a bottle of Idaho Beverages, potato pancake mix and huckleberry syrup, spud candy bars, huckleberry bath gel and lotions made from Idaho huckleberries. Forest service maps, goat handbooks and Dewey house hats and chef coats are also available.



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