This map shows the location of Victor Idaho in Southeasten Idaho.

Some interesting places on the way from Salt Lake City include:

Lava Hot Springs: Follow 89 from Logan Utah

Palisades Reservoir follow 89 west from Alpine

Gray's Lake Bird refugeBetween Soda Springs ID and Star ValleyWY.

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For a closer look at our Local area here is a map of Teton Valley Idaho, which shows:

Teton Pass Reknowned Backcountry ski area

Grand Targhee ski area. (Good skiing, but isolated up on the hill.)

Jackson Hole Ski area ( The best skiing)

Aspen Hole (I mean Jackson Hole) the new mecca of Strip mall development and eyesore franchise outlets.

**Notice Victor conveniently located 1/2 way between the two ski areas. Avoid the high cost of Jackson Hole and the isolation of Grand Targhee and enjoy Teton Valley Idaho on your next visit! We've got it all and at an affordable price. E-mail for free info.

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