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Triplets Grace The Old Dewey House

The three B's (Buddy, Buehla and Bideau) have 3 new little companions in the barnyard as Buehla gave birth to a set of triplets this spring. Because Buehla did not take care of her kids during a previous pregnancy we bought a Crib Monitor and installed it in the barn so we would know when she was delivering. The clerks at Wal-Mart didn't know much about the baby gadget when Liz asked about the monitor's frequency range, explaining the "nursery is pretty far down the hall from our bedroom." But it worked fine and we saved the kids. We named them Bidet, (her father is a French Alpine named Bideau), Beaujolais ( for the wine that we can finally serve in Teton County!It passed in the most recent election) and Barbeque! (He was born a male and thus less valuable and was also the runt of the litter.) He was spared the BBQ spit though to pursue a back-packing career. All three are hilarious to watch and all have their own little personalities.



Dogfishing Safaris Use New Technology

Note: This page is now the new favorite of people that don't control their animals, and would like to smear us for protecting ours. Their favorite tactic is to quote this page out of context. Try reading the article in National Lampoon April 1976 entitled "Dog fishing in America" by Gerald Sussman to see the basis for this passage.I don't dogfish or condone it, but I do condone the death penalty for any dog that chases livestock or wildlife and I definitely advocate the outlawing of all pitbulls from Teton County Idaho. The breed is shit,( a rottweiler can at least be trained) and the people of this valley shouldn't tolerate their presence!

World famous Dogfisherman Mike Sheridan has gone High Tech! After the birth of the Triplets this spring we have discovered many new uses for our new Crib monitor. It has turned out to be a first rate tool in detecting the presence of low-life Pit Bulls and Lunker Rottweilers so favored by today's dog fisherman. Renewed attacks on the goats in the pasture this summer have indicated thriving local populations of uncared for "killer dogs" prized by dogfisherman because of their disposable nature ; as well as the fact that their owners probably won't miss them as much as a responsible dog owner who cares for their animal. Public outrage over the cruel mistreatment of these poorly maintained animals has mandated new late night stalking tactics on the part of local dogfishing enthusiasts. Dogfishing enthusiasts everywhere are welcome to sign up now for the next midnight safari! for more on the infestation of Bad dogs in teton Valley Read

                                  Canine Crackheads and the Dog Mafia

                 Now that we have your attention

Take care of your Dogs, So I don't have to!

Goats Offer New Ways To See Local Mountain Areas

Goatpacking adventures are offering new ways for middle aged backcountry enthusisats to experience the backcountry without enduring the miseries of a heavy pack. Mike and Liz (Of Old Dewey House Fame)are offering their goats for rent to hikers, who for reasons of age or general lack of enthusiasm for heavy loads in the backcountry, have up to this point avoided backcountry use. The goats can do 5-10 miles a day with up to 45lbs. Horses and Llamas can go further and carry more but require guides, expensive tack and a trailer, and cost ten to twenty times as much to use. Goats are more fun too (a rude llama will spit on you and horse piles leave a messier trail) and easier to handle. Try the Wind River mountains with a goat for an experience you'll not soon forget! Enjoy steak and red wine instead of trail mix on your next trip, not to mention Goat Ice cream cones on the Glacier fields!

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Enjoy Dinner Outside At The Dewey House

Summer diners at the Dewey House can enjoy dinner outside with a great mountain view, and a great view of the goat anctics. The giant pine trees in front attract lots of bird life in the yard as well as several hummingbirds. If you plan on eating outside, it's usually a good idea to bring a light jacket because once the sun starts to set it gets cool even in the summer here in the Tetons. Reservations are also encouraged as we fill up early on busy weekend nights. We hope you have enjoyed our newsletter and look forward to seeing you in the restaurant, or hearing from you via e-mail. Please let us know how you found our page.

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