The Fish Wrapper

Volume 1

    Winter 95-96

Greetings from Teton Valley!

The Old Dewey House is Open !

Opening greeted with yawns!

We have been incredibly busy since the last Fishwrapper with the completion of the restaurant renovation. We opened for business on the 27th of September, just in time for the off season. The house was built in 1927 by the Dewey family and was known locally as 'the old Dewey house' hence the name. We restored the original oak floors and refininshed the old bevelled glass doors , added quarry tile for a kitchen floor, replumbed, and rewired the entire house. The remodel of the locally quarried stone house began in the basement adding walls, plumbing, heat, lights, for our living area and bakery-prep area. Wrestling a huge freezer, pizza oven and pepsi cooler down there was interesting but not too good on our buddy Dexter Smith's back. In addition to our bedroom-living area, we have a separate office where we do the daily menu and generate this letter. We also have a mormon-style dry storage room, a laundry area where Liz loathes doing the daily linens, a bathroom, and a goat-cheese production area. The house is 1050 sq. ft. upstairs and 925 down, so as you can imagine every inch is in use. The upstair dining area seats 40 people. An outdoor patio with live goat entertainment is planned for the summer.

The Old Dewey House restaurant is the talk of the town lately. We are doing fairly well so far with 4 dinners served as our slowest night the end of Nov. to our best evening with 66 dinners on a Saturday night in October. Mike proudly handled the line himself and was named employee of the month. We are open 6 nights a week where Mike cooks and washes dishes and Liz handles the front end. On Friday & Saturday we have the luxury of a hostess and a dishroom engineer. We are keeping very busy with the day-to-day operation and always have a list of projects going to improve and decorate the restaurant. We are going to see about getting on the historical register and Liz will visit local beauty parlors and masseuses with the menu to drum up additional business.(Or maybe to drum their businesses)

Beatrice brutally murdered in her own pasture !
Beatrice (also known as Betty, pictured above) was needlessly killed this past August. She died traumatically at the jaws of a local pit bull

                                             .BetBud.jpg (18295 bytes)

Betty shown above left was our main breeder and favorite, before being senselessly killed by a local pit bull. The pit bull remains at the top of our "most wanted list", and the main source of our anger at irresponsible dog owners.

She was our favorite and was buried beneath the sign of the restaurant where her grave will always have flowers on it. Butthead, her long-time confidant and backpacking partner has entered into a state of mourning, and general funk over the unexpected passing of his faithful comrade. Buelah and Bideau have tried gallantly to console him , but only time will heal the deep psychological wounds inflicted by Beatrices untimely passing! Alfalfa bouquets may be sent to the pasture in care of the restaurant.

Last year we took in a female mutt -goat and named her Beuhla. She became pregnant and lost her babies in August. She produces 2 gallons a week and we pasteurize the milk and use it in cooking & to make chevre. We sell it with grilled herb bread & roasted garlic. It is our most popular appetizer. We are hoping for more girl babies in March. The original Butthead remains the most easy going and even tempered of our 3 goats now. He has proven to be the most popular with the children .

It's Breeding time!

In August we acquired a cute little French Alpine stud. Well, he was cute until mating season arrived. Mike named him Bideau after a former French boss who was a real jerk. Liz fell out of love with Bideau (Bih-DOO) when she caught him enjoying golden showers (Typical male behavior) Needless to say, the proverbial billy goat smell permeated the barn. He mellowed out since then but he got so stinky, sticky and disgusting during breeding season that we are trying to think of ways to hose him down this spring! Goats hate water. We just hope that his pasture performances will produce another much needed pregnancy in Buelah this spring.

                                   Sign up for Dogfishing

Note: This page is now the new favorite of people that don't control their animals, and would like to smear us for protecting ours. Their favorite tactic is to quote this page out of context. Try reading the article in National Lampoon April 1976 entitled "Dog fishing in America" by Gerald Sussman to see the basis for this passage.I don't dogfish or condone it, but I do condone the death penalty for any dog that chases livestock or wildlife and I definitely advocate the outlawing of all pitbulls from Teton County Idaho. The breed is shit,( a rottweiler can at least be trained) and the people of this valley shouldn't tolerate their presence!

Now is the time to sign up for late-night dogfishing safaris with famed dogfisherman Mike Sheridan. We will be using goat berries,plastic pukes and D-con burgers to lure in the small but ferocious local pit bulls. World renowned for their reel-burning runs and their fight to the finish late night pickup truck landings! Not for the faint of heart! There will be no catch and release wimps on this voyage! Aargh! For more on the infestation of bad dogs read

                                 Canine Crackheads and the Dog Mafia

                Now that we have your attention

             Take care of your Dogs,

                So We don't have to!

Cabrito to be featured on menu.

Due to a recent price reduction from the purveyor, (yeah, price reduction that is it!) The Old Dewey house will be having a special on Cabrito al Pasture. This marinated charbroiled specialty will only be available as supplies last. ( And the supplies won't last long, she was small) So hurry into the Old Dewey house now to savor this lemon-garlic scented favorite of Old Mexico! It will have you saying Baah!

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