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Our newest "kid" Binaca at the tender age of 4 hours old!                And at a much more poised 1 month!

You may be wondering why we have a goat logo plastered all over the place........It all started when our buddy (?) Dexter Smith brought us a baby spotted Nubian goat as a housewarming joke. Thanks, Dexter. No problem, what are friends for?@ he chuckled as handed me a baby bottle full of warm milk. We named him Butthead and call him Buddy for short. We quickly learned that goats cannot thrive without companionship, as Buddy refused to eat and cried for 3 days until he lost his voice.

Enter goat # 2: Beatrice or Betty as she was fondly known was just entering breeding stage when she was mauled and killed by a pit bull. She had survived a previous attack by running from the yard and hiding under the bed. This attack was at the jaws of a bloodthirsty husky owned by Marilyn Hendrie. The dog was given up after it had killed a coop full of chickens. Marilyn (being a known rocket scientist) decided to bring the animal downtown where it was known to attack other animals and  feed in the dumpster behind the grocery store. The dog was eventually shot chasing wildlife and is the subject of a baseless lawsuit now in the local courts. Thankfully Marilyn left town shortly after the incident.

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              Sweet Basil age the tender age of 1 year. The only survivor of the attack that took her mother and two brothers.

Then came Buelah and Mr.Bideau. Buelah's first pregnancy ( thank you Mr. Bideau) was a failure with a still born,  but with her we made our way into the dairy business. We  were now also forced into the dog control business. Buehla's second pregnancy ended in disaster. She too was attacked and badly injured( a broken leg and 30 to 40 tearing bites to her swollen udder) by a husky-malamute owned by Donna M. O'Neil. The goat (not Donna) eventually had to be put to sleep, but not before prematurely giving birth to triplets, two of which died as well. Donna at this point refused to pay the vet bills totaling almost $ 600.00 Left with no real alternative we took her to court and won the case on May 25 1997 for $ 2100 to cover the loss of three goats, vet bills and income from the production of our cheese. Donna being the quality person that she is left town in the middle of the night and moved across state lines to avoid her debt. We hired a collection group to track her and as of today all she has managed to pay in the two years following is the interest on the debt.

This page used to describe her as an irresposible piece of human detritus, and trashy, and a bimbo. Then I got a call from a representative of the Teton Valley Chamber of Commerce who said that I would have to remove the "inflammatory remarks" from this page or lose my links to the Chambers website.Well anyone familiar with us, knows that we need tit-for-tat. So now,  in response to the unnamed but obvious chamber member, that put Mr. Burrows up to this, are some new adjectives to describe Miss O'Neil. Cowardly, shirker, deficient, inadequate, contemptible and burdensome. To those that continue in support of her, I say "Pay her tab!" I'll be more than happy to take down this page when the bill is paid, and to sweeten the deal all of those morons that continue her defense (and think that a dog has some right to life in my barn) will be happy to know, the money will be spent on a fence to keep dogs like hers ( and some of theirs) out of my barn. This is something that most ranchers can't afford to do and nor can we. Worst of all this fence will not protect our animals in the winter when the snows are deep like they were in February when Buelah was attacked.

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The O'Neil legal defense team. The chief counsel is  saying" Donna pay your bill you dim-witted bimbo"!

The worst part of all of this is the new crop of irresponsible renters (Just like Donna) moving to Victor. They bring their wolf breed dogs  and in their ignorance of local and state animal control  ordinances, terrorize local humans, livestock as well as other canine and feline inhabitants of the valley. Idaho statute #25-2805 Concerning Dogs running at large states "Any person who, after complaint has been made to the sheriff who shall serve a copy of said notice upon such person complained of,willfully or negligently permits any dog owned or possessed or harbored by him to be , or run, at large without a competent and responsible attendant or master within the limits of any city , town, or village or in the vicinity of any farm, pasture, ranch, dwelling house, or cultivated lands of another, or who willfully or negligently fails , neglects, or refuses to keep any such dog securely confined within the limits of his own premises when not under the immediate care and control of a competent and responsible attendant or master shall be guilty of a misdemeanor."  Well it's pretty obvious that this bill has no teeth, and is pretty widely ignored in our small town.

" Idaho statute #25-2806 Liability for Livestock and poultry killed by dogs. The owner possessor, or harborer of any dog or animal that kills , worries, or wounds any livestock or poultry which are raised and kept in captivity for domestic or commercial purposes, is liable to the owner of the same for the damages and costs of suit, to be recovered before any court of competent jurisdiction: 1. In the prosecution of actions of this section it is not necessary for the plaintiff to show that the owner, possessor, or harborere of such dog or other animal, had knowledge of the fact that such dog or animal would kill or wound livestock or poultry which are raised and kept in captivity for domestic or commercial purposes. 2. Any person, on finding any dog, not on the premises of its owner or possessor, worrying, wounding or killing any livestock or poultry which are raised and kept in captivity for domestic purposes, may, at the time of so finding said dog, kill the same, and the owners thereof can sustain no action for damages against any person so killing such dog." Now this law will always raise hackles, but is often the only realistic way of dealing with renegade and vicious dogs. If you save the dog by the time you've followed the animal home it's almost impossible to prove the damages to the disbelieving owner, and a dog with a taste for blood will be back. If you shoot the animal you can count on the wrath of the ignorant for some time to come. You are damned if you do and damned if you don't. The fact that we've been put in this position by the owners of these dogs is enough cause for negative adjectives.

People that are irresponsible about their animals, not just dogs but any animal should not have to be tolerated. There are owners of horses and cows as well as dogs that are a constant nuisance to their neighbors. I'm happy to report that we have a new animal control officer that hopefully is not armed with the save the "poor little doogie"agenda  that the previous A.C.O. had.

You may have seen an earlier discussion of dogfishing in one of the other fishwrappers. That was a joke that many (not all) at the humane society couldn't figure out. This page is not a joke.

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