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                           Canine Crackheads and The Dog Mafia

Living near the homes of unleashed dogs is like living in a neighborhood full of crackheads. You know you=re going to get mugged you just don=t know when. The only difference is your children, goats, cows, sheep, chickens, ducks, pigs, or pets are the most victimized. For our example let=s call the victims goats.

In any mugging, the first effect is the physical pain and suffering. Our goats have been bitten on the ears, teats, tails, muzzles, shoulders and legs. Usually the dogs will tear away chunks of flesh and fur. Probably no less painful than pistol-whipping or gunshot wounds inflicted by a crackhead mugger. We=ve been mugged 12 times now with varying degrees of damage.

The second effect is the direct financial loss. If your animal or child dies as a result of the attack, you will experience the worst type of loss. A close parallel is the mugger steals your family heirloom watch, your wallet, credit cards and your cash. If your animal makes it, it=s like you had no watch, cash or credit card. We=ve lost 4 animals to dogs.

The final effect is the ensuing medical bills. To add insult to injury, after you=ve had your Akid@ mugged and he has to go to the vet or hospital to be repaired and if you haven=t caught or killed the culprit, you=ll have no way to prove damages against the mugger ( or here it would be the dog owner.) In 5 years of goat ownership we=ve incurred over $1500 dollars in vet bills and have only been reimbursed for $ 200 by the dog mafia.

Last and not the least is the aniamls that shit in your yard. To the Dog Mafia it's no big deal, to a livestock owner it is how our animals get worms. Every year we spend $ having our animals wormed. Stock eats the fecal contaminated forage.

The dog mafia are the people that own the dogs. Not everyone is involved with the mafia just as not all dog owners are the types of neighbors that makes you rejoice when they move out of town. The dog mafia most often owns aggressive breed dogs that are poorly trained, fed and cared for.(Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Huskies, Malamutes, German Shepards, Dobermans). We never had an attack by a fat dog! Most of our neighbors have fine dogs.   (Pure bred retrievers  and spaniels) They spend time and $ training, and fencing in their dogs for good dog lives. (Hunting birds and retreiving newspapers, socially acceptable things.) Their owners co-exist with the mafia just as in real life and generally "walk the fence" with respect to the dog vs. livestock question. The mafia typically use a number of excuses for their dogs behavior. AMy dog doesn=t do things like that@ after he tears up your Akid@. AYou shouldn=t have your animals in the city limit@. (What if it=s your real kid!) AYou should build a better fence@. (Every parent or animal lover in town should have to build an expensive and 5 foot high fence to protect their kid=s on their own private property, Every Rancher should build the same type of fence around a 500 acre parcel at tremendous expense to his family. I think not!). After confronting a crackhead dog owner with damages, if you didn=t catch the dog, you can count on A my dog didn=t do or wouldn=t do that@. If you shot their dog and he has no identification as happened to us last week you have no recourse. And if he does have ID you=ll likely get a Awell he=s dead now why should I pay a bill for a dead dog?@ Which is why we went to court with Donna M. O=Neil. We won she still hasn=t paid.

Now is when the mafia really shows their colors. After being outraged about their animal being killed (Who should be outraged here?) they become aggressive with you. They threaten your lives, your animals lives, and your business. They start boycotts and petitions to coerce you into their way of thinking and compromise your ability to defend your Akids@. Save little Fluffy at all costs, and damn your animals for luring in the free roaming crackhead. A crackhead wants money for his habit, a bad dog wants blood. Either way you pay. Either way the mafia profits.

The canine crackhead like human crackhead if not met with resistance will return for more of the easy pickins. How many times do you need to be mugged or experience a breaking and entering before you take action. You build the fence (like putting bars on your windows and buying burglar alarm systems in a crack neighborhood) only to find your system breached. Our worst attack happened in a heavy snow year and the canine crackhead walked over a 5 foot fence on a frozen snow drift. The mafia leaves their canine crackheads unattended sometimes leashed sometimes not with your kids in plain sight. Why not park a thief in front of a cash register and leave him unattended. The net result will be the same.

When dealing with a crackhead you=ll always be damned if you do and damned if you don=t. You can do like the droves fleeing Inner City Los Angeles, or you can hunker down and organize for the battle. It=s all determined by your constitution. We can=t leave town. We=ve got a strong and enjoyable business, which includes our Akids@as a major contributor to it=s success. My only hope is that others in town will recognize the crackheads and the mafia for what they are and deal with them appropriately. If you have mafia for neighbors tell them you don=t approve of what they=re doing in your neighborhood. They should fence and leash their dogs if they insist on owning killer breeds. Hopefully it won=t involve attacks on your own Akids@ to spur you into action.

Wow! You're the person to subject themself to this buffoonery since May 2 1999